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The Experience App for Happy Campers

Campground Alert System

Send real-time alerts to campers about severe weather, lost pets, fire bans and more. For important alerts, include a push notification.

Activity Calendar

Advertise themed weekends, daily activities, and local events. Increase participation with 15 minute activity reminders.

Site Tonite

Marketplace for open campsites. Site Tonite is the easiest way to find and book an open campsite that will fit your RV.

QR Technology

Generate informational QR codes, geotagged codes for collecting guest feedback, or launch a scavenger hunt.

Your App, Your Brand.

Being a part of the campersAPP network puts your park in the hands of campers. Each experience app on the network is unique, packed with useful information, and fully customizable.

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Four Paws Animal Kingdom and Buttercup Woodlands Campground campersAPP screen designs
Site Tonite - the campsite marketplace

The Marketplace
for open campsites

campersAPP helps RVers find safe affordable campsites while traveling. The Site Tonite feature is located within the campersAPP mobile app and is the first matchmaking marketplace matching RVS to campsites that will fit their rigs. Parks can list openings easily and within seconds the vacant campsites are discoverable and bookable on the open network. This is a new feature within campersAPP.

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Mobile Camp Store
in your campers' pockets

Guests can now order firewood, ice, food and more from their mobile devices. The store can be setup to deliver services to the campsite, poolside, or to a pick-up window. The Mobile Camp Store will streamline processes and delight your campers.

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Four Paws Animal Kingdom and Buttercup Woodlands Campground campersAPP screen designs

The app that works for campgrounds

campersAPP helps campgrounds and RV resorts engage, market to, and support their connected guests.

Market Your Park

Campers follow their favorite parks on the network to recieve camp news, promotions and specials.

Park Map

Go Green with a digital park map. Save money on printing and guests can access the map from their mobile devices.

Message campers & Groups

Message individual campers or create a group for seasonals and camp staff to reach many people at once.

Park FAQ's

Consolidate park rules, policies and frequently asked questions into one place. Help campers find the info they need quickly.


Campers can use campersaPP to organize community pick-up games or play a campground scavenger hunt.


List your favorite area attractions, restaurants, services, and outdoor adventure.

why us?

campersAPP is a pioneer in this space, and the trusted brand serving 100s of campgrounds and RV resorts nationwide. The campersAPP mission is to accomplish three objectives.

1. To enhance the camping experience and delight campers.
2. Streamline operations.
3. To fill empty campsites and maximize profits.

Why Join?

campersAPP is a network for all parks, big and small. We offer every new park a 30 day risk free trial and a simple-to-use platform that makes it possible to launch an app on the same day you join. It is that easy!

campersAPP helps campers find your park and then enhances the camping experience after they arrive.

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Pricing plans

1. If your park has under 40 campsites, the full hook-ups bundle will be $45/month.
2. If your park has over 500 campsites, add $25 to the prices reflected below.
3. If you are a seasonal park, we offer a hibernation plan for $30/month (November- April 1). Parks must email and request hibernation.



  • Enhanced Park Listing in Directory (This is not an app)
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  • Enhanced Park Listing in Directory
  • About (Park Rules/Policies)
  • Park Map
  • Nearby (Local Business Directory)
  • Real-time Alert System
  • Contact (Park Directory)
  • Games (Includes Scavenger)
  • QR Generator (Info/Feedback)
  • Site Tonite (Platform fee* applies )
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Full Hookups


  • Enhanced Park Listing in directory
  • About (Park Rules/Policies)
  • Park Map
  • Nearby (Local Business Directory)
  • Real-time Alert System
  • Contact (Park Directory)
  • Games (Includes Scavenger)
  • QR Generator (Info/Feedback)
  • Chat Bot (coming soon)
  • Park Activities
  • Camp Store
  • Campground News Blog
  • Equipment (Rentals/Loanables)
  • Outdoor Recreation (Trails,etc.)
  • Photo Share (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Site Tonite (Platform fee* applies )
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Add-Ons Start at


  • Digital Waiver System
  • Track your park mascot
    in your campersAPP
  • Online Ticket System
    for park admission (available)
  • Asset Management System
    (coming soon)
  • NFC Gate Controller
    (coming soon)


What are our customers saying?

About Us

Welcome to the future of camping! As avid campers and travelers ourselves, we know first- hand how difficult it is to find open campsites while on the road. Unlike hotels, the outdoor hospitality space lacks a real-time OTA. In fact, the process of discovering our next outdoor adventure often required going through park websites, Facebook pages, performing a “campground near me” google search or scrolling through park finder apps. Considering that time is a finite and precious resource, we were wasting valuable time that we could have been spending outdoors. Nothing is more frustrating.

We also saw a disconnect between campground owners and their digitally connected guests. Every check-in included a paper map, a packet of park rules and policies, and a printed copy of the weekend activity schedule. The map would help us navigate to our campsite and then be discarded and the paper schedule would change with the weather. Campgrounds needed an effective way to advertise their parks to campers and a sustainable way to interact with them once they arrived. The solution, we felt, should be living, breathing, and accessible, directly through a mobile device. That’s what inspired us to create an app for camping, made with you in mind.

campersAPP provides every park on the camping network with the ability to have their own storefront, directly in our marketplace. Except contrary to standard, boring websites, these mini apps are responsive. That’s right, campersAPP enabled parks can send push notifications, curate a menu for direct firewood ordering, food delivery, trash pick-up services, etc. and gather feedback based on users’ experience. The result? Happy campers, every single time.

Additional perks for campersAPP enabled parks include:
• Marketing specials and promotions
• Scavenger hunts
• Theme weekend Showcase
• Digital park maps
• Park FAQs
• Nearby attractions, services, and outdoor fun

As for the campers, you can simply open the app, click on a map pin, and that’s it - you’re in! Enjoy instant access to a custom camping experience app created by campground owners to delight their guests. The rest is history! campersAPP makes it easy to book RV-friendly campsites, yurts, glamping arrangements, and everything in-between with just the tap of your thumb. No more frustrations as you try to navigate camping websites to secure a reservation.

Camping App Pioneers
We are proud to be the first software-design duo that has invented this kind of catch-all camping resource. We believe the great outdoors is meant to be experienced and captured, which is why we want to make these kinds of camping experiences more accessible to everyone. Along the way, parks will be able to increase attendance and guarantee camper satisfaction based on their real-time mobile connection. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Download the app today.

Our Mission
To bring campers, travelers, and wanderlust-stricken individuals in contact with quality, responsive, and available campsites using one singular mobile app.

Our Core Beliefs
Community: We are stronger together than we are apart. We are curating an entire camping community, bringing campsite owners and campers together for one joyous experience.
Sustainability: We need to leave the earth cleaner than we found it. campersAPP reduces waste by cutting down on printed materials.
Collaboration: We are constantly listening to your feedback, collaborating with app users and campground owners and managers to ensure campersAPP is everything you want it to be – and more.

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Answers to some of our frequently asked questionos

Question: Do you offer hibernation plans for seasonal parks?

Ans: Yes, campersAPP offers a reduced monthly rate for parks that close during the winter months. The off season rate $30/month regardless of what package you are in. Parks must email and request hibernation at the end of their seasons. Hibernation ends on April 1.

Question: What is the time committment?

Ans: We have seen parks launch the same day they sign up. Most of the content within your campersAPP will be brought over from your website or rules and policy documents. Once the content pieces are in place, the app is low mainenance.

Question: Why should I join the network?

Ans: Being part of the camping network will give your campground more exposure to campers. campersAPP is just one app consisting of many experiences which leads to better user retention. campersAPP helps promote your park to campers!

Question: Are there any extra costs?

Ans: campersAPP uses Stripe as a payment processor for the Mobile Camp Store purchases and for Site Tonite reservations. There is a 3.9% processing fee plus .30 cents for each transaction and a 2$ platform fee when a reservation is made through Site Tonite.

Question: How long is the contract?

Ans: campersAPP is month to month and the first month is free! Campgrounds can self-change their plans at anytime.

Question: Do you offer referral perks?

Ans: Yes, ask parks to mention you when they fill out the referral page and get a free month of service.

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If you have any questions, reach out.

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P.O. Box 791 Quechee, Vermont

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(+1) 802-295-7464

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