Campground App:
A Contactless Solution

Helping Parks Continue To Operate During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Campsite Marketplace

Helping Displaced Campers Find Open Campsites

Amidst social distancing, campersAPP can help parks connect with RVers on the road, making open campsites discoverable and bookable. Using Site Tonite, a feature within campersAPP, displaced campers can find nearby open campsites that will fit their rigs and easily request a same day booking.

Staff can confirm a booking with one click.

To help with the stressful times, we are making this service entirely FREE* right now for campersAPP enabled parks. There will be no platform fees through December 31, 2020.

*We use Stripe as a payment processor for Site Tonite. The credit card processing fees of $.30 cents plus $2.9% will still apply. All platform fees however are waived through the end of the year. Creating a listing is FAST, EASY, and FREE.


Digital Check-in and Virtual Hello

To minimize the amount of human-to-human contact in our effort to flatten the curve, we have made self-check-in entirely digital, right through our mobile app. Now parks can check in campers from their phones without having to directly interact with them. This will help individuals in dire need of a place to sleep while keeping park personnel safe from any possible contaminations.

Parks can also use our app’s augmented reality capabilities to provide a virtual greeting to guests when they arrive. What will this look like in practice? A welcome sign will transform into a personal video greeting from the owners so park managers can stay connected with their clientele without personally interacting with them. This same AR mapping tool will soon help guests find their campsites as park numbers will light-up as they drive by certain spaces on their mobile devices, viewable even after dark.

And don’t forget, while activities may be limited at this time, campersAPP can create a 3D ANIMATED AR MASCOT that can safely engage with guests wherever they are!


Communication Access

Contactless Solutions

Parks can maintain seamless communication with their guests by pushing out important messages, alerts, and collect feedback via the mobile app. Today campersAPP can create custom forms for a variety of functions including work order requests with image upload function, towel exchange request form, visitor reqistration form, self check-in with signature capture or any other custom form requirements.

campersAPP has a robust activities schedule with push notifications, google calendar integration, and PDF maker allowing parks to generate a printed schedule on demand.

We are entirely dedicated to you, your safety, and the functioning of your park today. Although this virus may seem intimidating and overwhelming, together, we can make it through this.


Digital Waivers

campersAPP offers a robust digital form system that is a separate service from the campersAPP mobile app. The digital forms can be itegrated into your mobile app, embedded on your website, and they can be sent to guests through email. The digital form system can track a variety of forms for your park all in one place including rental agreements and seasonal contracts. We do not limit the number of waivers you can collect. campersAPP can create a number of highly customized waivers for parks including golf cart rental agreements, seasonal contracts, work order request forms, water park waivers, and more.

Fees The digital waiver service is $45/month while your park is open and free when your park is closed during the winter months. We have a $100 setup fee for the first digital waiver/form and $35 for each additional. Non campersAPP parks can also get digital waivers/forms created that can be placed on their park websites. If your park has less than 100 campsites, we have a reduced plan for $29/month during your open months. If your park has less than 50 campsites, the digital waiver system is $19/month during your open months.


Mobile Camp Store

A Contactless Solution

Our app also contains a mobile store so campgrounds can continue to sell products that are delivered to campsites, like food, campsite essentials, apparel, firewood, and more. The campersAPP handles fees, so no money is required, helping all campgrounds to continue to make a living during this hard times.

campersAPP offers an integrated point of sale system that will notify camp staff when new orders come in. Although the app processes payments, we do not store credit cards and by extension - nor do you. All payments are processed securely with Stipe.


This poster was created especially for the outdoor hospitality space.

Please feel free to share this poster online and in print around your parks. There are two versions, and two sizes. A standard 8.5x11" poster and a larger 11x17" poster. We recommend laminating them for extended use.


The Campers' App

Created to delight campers, improve communications, and help campgrounds run more efficiently .

Park FAQs

Guests have quick access to important park information, rules and FAQs.

Scavenger Hunts

Create a QR scavenger hunt, campers are issued digital badges when they win.

Mobile Camp store

Keep your store open with delivery services of firewood, ice, propane, food, apparel & more.

Activities Calendar

Showcaae daily activities, themed weekends, local events, and more. Generate a custom printed Schedule when needed on demand.

Digital Waivers/Self Check-in

Mobile check-in complete with digital waivers & signature capture. campersAPP can collect payments too.

Real-time alerts

Notify all guests at once when you need to send an important message.

Contactless Communications

Guests can email, call, or text park staff (personal phone numbers are hidden) to request help, report a problem, etc.

Custom Forms

Event RSVP, visitor registration, maintenance work orders, etc. You name it, we'll create it.